100 Day Project Update #1

100 Day Project Update #1

I’ve been putting in a little time each day on my 100 day project, creating my mark making tools.  So far I’ve completed 3 stamps.  They are all backed with a transparent backing and the excess cut away.

For the backing I like to use these flexible cutting mats from the Dollar Tree.  They are transparent, so I can see where I am placing the stamp.  They are also strong but flexible at the same time and easy to cut with scissors.

And at two in a pack for $1 you can’t beat the price.


  1. jan navales

    why don’t you just get some FREE styrofoam and a stencil cutting tool ( like a wood burning tool ) and burn a design in that…It takes 30 seconds to make stamps that way.. I bet I have about 200 of them…do it outside.. There your tip of the day..
    Love, Jan Navales

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