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100 Day Project Update #1

I’ve been putting in a little time each day on my 100 day project, creating my mark making tools.  So far I’ve completed 3 stamps.  They are all backed with a transparent backing and the excess cut away.

For the backing I like to use these flexible cutting mats from the Dollar Tree.  They are transparent, so I can see where I am placing the stamp.  They are also strong but flexible at the same time and easy to cut with scissors.

And at two in a pack for $1 you can’t beat the price.

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  1. why don’t you just get some FREE styrofoam and a stencil cutting tool ( like a wood burning tool ) and burn a design in that…It takes 30 seconds to make stamps that way.. I bet I have about 200 of them…do it outside.. There your tip of the day..
    Love, Jan Navales

    1. I’ve tried using the free styrofoam, but don’t have good results like you do. Maybe I just need practice.

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