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Reflections, A Solo Show

It’s been two weeks since the opening of my solo show, Reflections.  This show is in conjunction with the Tampa Bay Surface Design Guild Wearable Arts show, All Decked Out.

I’m just now posting about it because opening night I could not get good pictures, so I had to go back a week later and take pictures.  And it’s taken me this long to get things edited. 

My show information literature

Statement about the series, my artist’s statement and bio

This series is all about my love of Itajime Shibori and my continuing studies of color.  I’ve had this idea in my head for a while now, so I took the time to get it out.  Actually I was on a different path for this show, but at less than 2 weeks out from hanging, I wasn’t feeling that direction.  So I ditched it all and went with this.  Surprisingly it all came together effortlessly.  Lucky me, especially since I had less than 2 weeks to pull it together.  These pieces are all split complementary color schemes.  They were all dyed with just one or two dyeing sessions. 

Itajime Color Story #1

A card like this accompanied each piece to explain the color scheme.  Very helpful for

Itajime Color Story #2

Itajime Color Story #4

Itajime Color Story #5

Itajime Color Story #6

Itajime Color Story #7

I still didn’t manage to get good pictures of every piece, so I will be making another trip to get the rest. 

But of all these, which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. They are all interesting but #5 is my favorite. Besides liking the color combination in it, I enjoy looking at the reflections on it. The name of the show is apropos. Go, Angie.

  2. These pieces are very cool. I especially like 1,2, and 7. So wish I could see your show in person. Congratulations.

    1. Hey buddy! Cool to see you hear. #1 is one of my favorites, which is odd, since I don’t particularly care for the purple tones

  3. I like #1 for the little tasty bits of fuschia, especially towards the bottom. Congratulations on your show! You go girl!
    Mary Ann

  4. I love number 1 and 2 for very different reasons, that are inherent to their living as a form and interaction.

    1 has for me an amazinf theme that if so strongly repeated in each facet, as the red egdes bleed and spread in a paralelle patterning of repetition,yet entirely opposite. They are strange andmyet great partners in an overall experience and thus expecially pleasing strong composition of integrity.

    2 has the same integrative quality of just right balance between three layers one on top of other. A delicate dialogue between partners in a whole yet each a distinct color, size of shapes, and energy of dynamic taken and seen as a whole.

    Really thoughtful, examined and skillfully acommplished. Congratulations angie.

    1. Thank you Barbara. You always have such an interesting take on things and I always learn something from you.

  5. Numbers 7 and 1 have to be my favorites! Love that #1 is both quiet and bold at the same time. Excellent work!

    1. Hi Carol, thanks for stopping by. Number 1 is my favorite also, which is surprising, since I don’t purplish tones are my least favorite.

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