Black Gold Rusted Fabric

Yeah, I know I have been AWOL for some time now. I spent a good part of winter and spring in Colorado helping care for our grandson while his mom was deployed. I didn’t have much motivation while I was there and it has been hard to get back into a routine since I’ve been home.

Well, my mojo is finally returning and now I’m back in the saddle. So for the past few weeks I’ve been in the studio exploring rusting on black fabric, which I am calling Black Gold. I’ve been working on black cotton and recently on black rayon. Loving how they are coming out! Each fabric produces such different results.

Here are a few pieces on black cotton. These were created using a large flat sheet of rusty metal. One piece of fabric was under the metal and one piece was on top. I don’t know which was which, but aren’t they wonderful!

Not sure what I will do with them yet; they are hanging up on my design wall waiting for the inspiration that I know is coming.

It is hard to decide which one I like best.  Do you have a favorite? Leave me a comment and let me know which you like best.

Until next time,

Have a beautiful day!

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