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Featured Thermofax Silkscreen – Whirl!

Meet Whirl! My newest and featured thermofax silkscreen for October. I am so in love with this design. I love the movement; it seems so alive. This is now available in my online shop in two sizes.

  • Large – image size    7X9.5 inches
  • Small – image size    3X4 inches

All of my thermofax silkscreens are available tape or un-taped.  The taped screens have all four edges covered with Gorilla Tape to provide a finished edge and stability.  The untaped screens will need to be taped by you before using.

Here is a sample of Whirl! printed on black cotton with black textile paint.  So subtle and beautiful!

I hope you are as excited about this design as I am.  Let me know down in the comments what you think.

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