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spotted thermofax screen

My online shop is live! After a lot of time thinking about it, planning it, thinking and planning some more, my online shop is finally live.

I currently have 12 designs available. These are textured backgrounds, at least that is what I use them for, but they can be used in any way you like.

Screen printing is my favorite surface design technique, so it is no surprise this would be the first item in my store. While I started out using traditional photo emulsion silk screens, I eventually switched over to Thermofax screens because of the ease of making and using them.

What are Thermofax Screens

Thermofax screens are made using an old school technology from the 1950’s. The Thermofax machine was originally used to make the master copy for duplicator machines. This was before the advent of the copy machine.

The silk screens are made using a piece of RISO film and a photocopy image made with a carbon based ink/toner. RISO film is a film with a plastic that is bonded to a screen mesh. The photocopy and film are passed through the machine and an infrared bulb inside the machine burns away the plastic where it comes in contact with the carbon based ink. This creates an opening that allows paint and other medium to be screen through the open areas.

spotted thermofax screen printed on black fabric with black paint


My Thermofax Collection

My Thermofax screen collection is available in 2 sizes.

  • Large with a max image size of  7X9.5 inches
  • Small with a max image size of 3X4 inches

You have the option of purchasing the screens with the edges taped or un-taped. The edges need to be taped to provide stability to the screen. At one time there were plastic frames that the screens could be taped to to provide this stability. Unfortunately, the company that sold these has closed a few years ago. Until another solution comes along, taping is the best option.

Check Out the Shop Now!

So hop on over to my online shop and check out the designs. I hope you see one that will be perfect for your next project.


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