Introduction to Inkscape

YES! You can conquer the software for creating designs for your cutting machine

Does This Sound Like You?

  • you get confused about all the different design programs available and you're not sure which is the right one for you, so you are afraid of picking the wrong one
  • you struggle with knowing where to start; which tools to use and how they work
  • you struggle with creating original designs for your cutting machine and end up purchasing designs that you don't fully love

If so, my Design 2 Cut - Introduction to Inkscape free course is just what you need!

What if you could

Find an easy to use universal design program

Quickly learn the basic tools and functionality

Create simple designs that are truly yours

After completing this course you will

  •  have a great foundational understanding of the Inkscape software
  •  know the different tools available, what they do and how to use them
  •  how to combine simple shapes to create more complicated shapes
  •   how to save your designs in a format your cutting machine can use
Stop Feeling Frustrated
Why Inkscape?

Universal file format

  • The SVG files can be used by all the cutting machines

Free software

  • It is a free, open source program available for the PC and MAC

Exclusive features

  • It has features the other programs don't have

Educator & Textile Artist

Hi, I'm Angie Knowles, the left brain artist

I can help you move past the frustration and overwhelm

When I first got my machine, it sat in the box for a very long time before I got up enough courage to use it.  Even then, it wasn't a successful or pleasant experience.  But with time and patience I preserved and overcame the frustration and overwhelm. 

And I can help you do the same

Are You Ready To Get Started?
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