My Artwork

Abstract Printing

Using very transparent acrylic paint I color block print all over the surface, overlapping prints and allowing the colors to blend as they desire. This creates depth and intrigue. Additional layers are printed for even more depth.

Itajime Shibori

A process of accordion folding the fabric and clamping with a resist object to block the absorption of dye. When unfolded beautiful geometric repeating patterns reveal themselves. I use many different mediums to create my itajime artwork- dye, rust and bleach (to remove color).

Rust Collage

My rust collage pieces stem from my desire to reuse and recycle. Reusing paper coffee filters, packaging materials and other papers I rust dye them using discarded pieces of rust metal. These rusted papers are then collaged onto canvas panels sometimes adding a punch of color with acrylic paint. It is amazing the beauty that can be created with things most people throw away.