100 Day Project Update #1

I’ve been putting in a little time each day on my 100 day project, creating my mark making tools.  So far I’ve completed 3 stamps.  They are all backed with a transparent backing and the excess cut away.

For the backing I like to use these flexible cutting mats from the Dollar Tree.  They are transparent, so I can see where I am placing the stamp.  They are also strong but flexible at the same time and easy to cut with scissors.

And at two in a pack for $1 you can’t beat the price.

100 Day Project

One More Try

I’m sure you have heard of the 100 day project.  It a plan/challenge you make with yourself to create an art project every day for the 100 days.  I’ve tried this before, but never made it past one or two weeks.  I’m sure I had good reasons at the time, but hopefully this time it will be different.

I’ve been thinking about trying it again, but was having difficulty coming up with something I wanted to do everyday for 100 days.  Or even something I wasn’t already doing.  I really didn’t want to create an art project just for the sake of creating which would only add to my stash of stuff.  Especially since I just did a big studio de-stash.  For me it needed to be something I knew I would use in my artwork in some manner.

Well, I finally came up with something that I could do for my own 100 day project.

100 Days of Mark Making

For the next 100 days I will work on mark making.  Creating marks and personal imagery I can use in my fiber art.  I am taking a wide stance on what this is.  Could be stencils, stamps, screens or anything that I can apply to my art cloth/art quilts.  This will help me build up my library of personal imagery which is something I really need to do.  I don’t anticipate completing something every day; most likely I will start several items on one day, and then spend the next few days completing them.  That way I can say cut several stamps at once and then mount them over several days.

Week 1

Today I spent about 30-40 minutes cutting stamps from craft foam.  I found some quick sketches of organic shapes I’d made a while back and decided to do them.  Most of my work is very linear, so some organic shapes will be a good contrast to that.

During the week I will mount them then test print on fabric and paper.

Hopefully Ii will not lose interest or give up this time.

Studio De-Stash

Since I’ve become more focused in my art, I decided it was time to de-stash the studio.  I’ve done this several times over the years, but it was time to really move out fabrics I’ve dyed that I knew I would not be using.  They were taking up physical and mental space.  So a few days ago, I invited a few friends over to have their pick.  It was one of those, fill a bag for $15.  There were some great pieces in there, and I was so tempted to keep it all, but there comes a time when you need to let go.  Now was that time.

Here is what the pile looked like at the end of the day.

Rest assured I did pick out my favorite pieces, but limited myself to those I really loved or those I could envision made into finished art pieces.  Everything I kept has been put away.

I feel like I can breathe now.

My New Home

Welcome to my new home.  It’s not 100% furnished yet or styled the way I want, but it probably never will be.  This is where I will share my textile art, my process, when and where I will be teaching and any little nuggets of advice I have.

I hope you enjoy and visit.  But in the meantime, here is a sneak peak at a new series I am working on.