16 Mini Silk Screens

Recently I had a project where I needed 15 small painted interfacing silk screens. There was no way I was going to cut them by hand, so I pulled out my big cutting machine, the Silver Bullet. The Silver Bullet made short work of this and in less than 1 hour from start of cutting …

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Last Week in the Studio #4

Last week I managed to find some time to experiment a little more with dyeing fabrics with rust and created two pieces I absolutely love! This first one is on cotton. I printed the rust circle first and after rinsing and drying it, I came back and scrunched it in a small container and added …

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Making A Print Board

Printmaking processes on fabric, whether it is screen printing, block printing, stenciling or other process is a fun and creative way to create your own fabrics. To be successful at it, it helps to have good tools of the trade. These tools are not always expensive, some of them you can make yourself. In my …

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Last Week In the Studio #2

Well, another week has come and gone, and although things didn’t go 100% as planned, it was a good week. But then, does it ever go 100% as planned? Usually not. So here is what did go down last week. Free Online Class-Design 2 Cut Introduction to Inkscape I continue to work on my online …

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Last Week In The Studio #1

Hi and welcome to the first blog post on my new website. Back in April, my website was hacked and I had to rebuild it from scratch. Talk about a JOB! It has taken working on it everyday to get the main website and my teaching platform the Surface Design Academy rebuilt. And this time …

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